Too Fat, Too Skinny, Never Good Enough….

Too Fat, Too Skinny, Never Good Enough….

    The title to this blog was the theme song of my life. I had set such unrealistic standards on myself based upon what I thought would be pleasing to eyes of another. 

    At 21 years old, I used to get Botox and temporary lip injections. AT TWENTY-ONE! I look back at my insanity and laugh. I didn’t even have wrinkles back then. 

    I believe a form of freedom comes from self-love and confidence. Confidence is when you can admire another man or woman’s physique and not feel any less valuable for not looking as thin, muscular or as curvy as they do.

    I want to encourage you today to practice self-love!  This means that regardless of your imperfections, you can still love yourself. You are worth more than your bra size, more than your “gains”, and more than your pant size.

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