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A Word Of Encouragement For "All The Single Ladies".

A Word Of Encouragement For "All The Single Ladies".

Will I ever find the one? Are there still any good guys left? When will I ever get married? 

    Ladies, If you've ever asked these questions, I want you to know the answer is yes! However, it's imperative that you enjoy being single. There is a reason for every season of life and being single isn't a curse, it's a huge blessing! 

    Don't sit around waiting for your future husband, get up and make your future happen. On the inside of you there's a woman with a vision, a risk taker, and a conqueror. Dare to ask yourself, "Am I making the absolute most of this season? Do I recognize I am complete even without a man? Do I fully love myself just the way I am?" 

    Before Adam met Eve, God put him to work. Might I suggest that before you meet your "Adam" God wants to put you to work? Years before my husband and I began dating I dreamt about writing books, preaching, and starting businesses, but I didn't just dream... Step by step I got to work. As I began following the call God placed in my heart, He brought me the most amazing man who happened to have the same call on His life. 

    Genesis 2:18 says, "It is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a helper comparable to him."

    If God desires to give us a helper who is comparable to us, then wouldn't you want to be the best version of you that you could possibly be? I bet you want someone comparable to the best version of you, not the "I could do better because I am not really trying" version of you.

    Ladies, there's nothing more attractive than a confident woman who knows what she's called to do in life. You'll discover your calling by seeking God daily, He wants to reveal all that He has for you. As you operate in your calling, your future husband will take notice of you. Just look at Ruth and Boaz. 

    Your husband is somewhere tangled up in the path of your calling unknowingly waiting for you to arrive. So be the go getter that God has called you to be and make some moves in 2018!

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Is It Possible To Stay Pure While Dating?


We all know the struggle is real, but staying pure IS possible. My husband and I managed to stay pure (celebrant to honor God) while dating & I know you can too. I pray this blog encourages you and inspires you to wait upon the Lord. 🙏🏼

Here's what we did....

1. We reminded ourselves of what we were fighting for.

2. We reminded ourselves that momentary satisfaction could potentially destroy our destiny.

3. We prayed together & read the bible together consistently. It is Only God who can give you the strength & grace to stay pure, so keep Him as the focal point of your relationship.

4. We reminded ourselves that our relationship is meant to honor God, not our flesh.

5. We reminded ourselves of how bad our lives were before we knew God. This helped us to stay thankful for what He had done in our lives and helped us stay on track.

6. If there was a place where we felt tempted, then we stayed away from it. Why put yourself in a position that's difficult to resist temptation? It's not worth it.
I love what Pastor Rich Wilkerson says, "Keep it Vertical. If you're dating you don't need to get horizontal." 😂
Remember, pre-marriage is JUST A SEASON of life. Once you're married you may do as you please with your spouse. So remind yourself that the blessing is coming. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

7. We stayed accountable to our friends. I had a friend check up on me almost daily and so did my husband.  This really helped because God gave me someone to check in with. Great stability comes from accountability. So be honest with someone you trust so they can pray for you and encourage you in the ways of the Lord. Don't try to do this walk alone.

8. We watched sermons on purity. This allowed us to welcome in the conviction of the Holy Spirit. If your purity is important to you then you'll do whatever it takes to keep it.

9. Last but certainly not least.... We reminded ourselves that the wait is Always worth it. Because honoring God is Always worth it. We knew that there would be blessings behind our obedience because that is what the book of Deuteronomy teaches us.

If you're in a relationship and you're not yet married, I want you to know that the wait is worth it. It is only a matter of time before you'll get to be intimate with you husband or wife. So I want to encourage you to continue to be patient. God's blessings that come with obedience are far greater than momentary satisfaction. Remember that You Are Worth The Wait - and so is your future husband or wife. Honor them and God will honor you.