Am I Called

How To Handle God's Call.

  Yesterday we learned about discovering our vision. But what do you do once you've discovered your vision? The Bible is my favorite place to seek counsel and wisdom for all of my unanswered questions. This blog will give you your next few steps. I pray that it blesses your life today. 

  Paul said that he kept the news of his calling to himself; he did not check it out with "the big guys" Who were supposed to hear from God (Galatians 1:15-19) he knew what God did with him on that road to Damascus. He knew that he was changed forever (Acts 9:3-8). He knew that the Son of God was unveiled and disclosed on the inside of him. He knew he could never go back to the life he had lived. He knew that for the rest of his life he would preach the Gospel and remain faithful to what he heard Jesus say to him.

   But Paul also had the wisdom to know people would find his calling unbelievable. So he waited on God. He did not go running around checking with the other apostles, saying, "Hey guys, I saw a light on the road and fell down, and this happened and that happened. What do you all think?" Instead, he went to Arabia and then came back to Damascus. Three years after that, he traveled to Jerusalem to become acquainted with Peter, but he did not see any of the other apostles except James.

   Paul kept God's word and his heart and let it grow and manifest on its own. Then he started doing what he was called to do. Soon others recognized that the calling on him must've been from God. What was the result? Galatians 1:24 tells us that the people glorified God as the "Author and Source" of what had taken place in Paul.

   Has God given you a calling to serve him? As you stay in his word and wait on him, you will see growth in your life and receptivity to the message God gives you.


(Excerpt from The Everyday Life Bible / Joyce Meyer Commentary)

You Are Loved!

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