I Used To Be So Insecure - Overcoming Insecurities.

I Used To Be So Insecure - Overcoming Insecurities.

I remember as a young child being so bold and confident. I used to think I could take on the world. I felt like Super Girl, I was invincible. Unfortunately, life happens. Harsh words were spoken over my life that put to rest the Super Girl in me. 

People often ask me, “Why are you removing your tattoos?” The truth is, I am removing them because I do not like them. Quite frankly, I don’t know if I ever did. Every tattoo on my body is mark of me trying to be somebody other than myself. 

Insecurities come from the need to be approved by others and then missing the mark. If you live for the approval of others you will never find confidence. 

God never designed us to be insecure. He never created us to be somebody else. I can imagine how heartbroken He becomes when we compare ourselves to others. Your confidence was never meant to be found in the approval of others. You are approved by God and that is all the approval you need.

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How I Discovered My Purpose In Life

How I Discovered My Purpose In Life

Does My Life Have A Purpose?

Some might think this is a silly question, but for nearly 26 years of my life I often wondered this.

Why was I born? What am I supposed to do with my life? Where do we go when we die?

 I even asked a family member and the response I was given was, “Life sucks and then you die.” This answer was never good enough for me. 

I have realized that some inventions just can’t be understood unless you first hear from the inventor, or unless you read the owner’s manual. How can you understand the creation if you do not speak to the creator? 

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The Battle Within - Overcoming Suicidal Tendencies.

The Battle Within - Overcoming Suicidal Tendencies.

 I battled suicidal thoughts since my pre-teens. I used to cry myself to sleep wondering why I was born. Pain without understanding will make one’s mind run wild.

Oddly enough, almost every time I tried to take my life, I would panic. I remember overdosing on a prescription sleeping aid, but before I passed out I called 911 and said, “I was trying to kill myself, but I changed my mind. I don’t want to die anymore. Please, save me.”

This wasn’t the first time I’ve said those 3 words. I recently found a journal entry of mine from 2006 that said, “Jesus, Buddha, or God, whichever one of you is real, please save me.”

If you’re reading this today, your pain has a purpose. You are not a mistake. God has created you on purpose for a great purpose....

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Overcoming The Pain and Shame of An Abortion.

Overcoming The Pain and Shame of An Abortion.

 In 2010, I walked into Planned Parenthood, distraught and not ready to abort my child.

I have met many women whom have similar stories to mine and the question I get asked the most is, “How did you forgive yourself?” 

This was one of the hardest things for me to let go of. However, in my time of prayer, I received a revelation that I hope will help any woman battling the same guilt I once battled.

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How I Developed and Overcame A Drug Addiction.

How I Developed and Overcame A Drug Addiction.

 In Summer School, He told me the cocaine would help me reach my weight loss goals, so I bought some. Not only was I not hungry, but I was happy. This is what drugs do. They lie to you and make you “feel” happy, temporarily, until the withdraw hits and then you’re more miserable than ever. 

A couple years later, a girlfriend of mine asked me if I had ever “Chased the Dragon”. She then pulled out some foil and stuck black tar on it – aka Heroin. She encouraged me to take a hit. 

Some say, “once an addict always an addict.” But Jesus disagrees. Because, “Who the son sets free is free indeed.” – John 8:36 Which means you don't have to be a slave to addiction any longer.


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Obeying Even The Ridiculous Convictions.

 "Your personal convictions [on such matters] - exercise [them] as in God's presence, keeping them to yourself [striving only to know the truth and obey his will]. - Romans 14:22 (amp)


  Romans 14:22 teaches us that we should not only be led by biblical convictions (10 commandments), but also by our personal convictions.

  The other day my brother and I were discussing how, we don't understand why, we are convicted when we try to drink coffee. Doesn't this seem a little rediculous? I mean, everyone I know drinks coffee. However, the Holy Spirit always convicts me prior to pouring a nice, hot, and delicious cup of joe. He says, "Brittni, coffee is for emergency purposes only." So unless I am extremely tired with no time for a nap, I opt for tea.

  This is a frustrating personal conviction that both my brother and I carry. It is frustrating because we both LOVE coffee.

  When my brother asked me why we get convicted of such minor things, like coffee, I went on to explain that God is our protector. I said, "Bro, I don't know if you've seen the signs at our local coffee shops lately, but they say that coffee can cause cancer. The Holy Spirit not only knows the past and the present, but He also knows the future. So maybe, what seems minor right now (in the present) May not be so minor in the future if we do not obey our personal convictions."

  I wonder what chaos could have been avoided in our lives had we simply followed our convictions. I wonder how many blessings God has been unable to release because we chose not to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

 One thing I know about God is that he loves us deeply. "He knows the plans he has for us. His plans are to prosper us, not to harm us." - Jeremiah 29:11

  In order for us to prosper, we must be willing to be led by our convictions. When we follow our convictions we show God, by faith, that we trust Him enough to listen to Him.

  God is always speaking. The question is, are you listening? God wants to guide you into greater places than most of you have ever imagined. Will you allow God to lead you through your convictions? My prayer for all of us is that we would be sensitive to his voice and willing to listen. I believe that as we grow closer to God, and follow our convictions, our lives will become extremely impactful to those whom are around us.

   Today, I challenge you to obey all of your convictions no matter how ridiculous or silly they may seem. As you practice this level of obedience, I know that God will entrust you with greater things.


You Are Loved!

My Favorite Marriage Advice... ❤️


I've only been married for 4 months but I've asked many couples whom have been married for 20 + years what their secret to success has been. Here are some of my favorite answers...


1. Never lose your try. When you dated your spouse, you went out of your way for them and Always tried your best. Be careful to never lose that. Never grow comfortable.


2. R.E.S.P.E.C.T - always respect your spouse. Place them in high honor. Don't ever call them out in public either. Correct them privately.


3. Keep God at the center of your marriage and it will go well for you.


4. Make Lots of Love - Sex is not just an act of pleasure . It is an act that brings an intimate bond between a husband and wife every time they have sex. Sex in its purist form will give you a connection in your relationship that will be incomparable to any other relationships you have. So husbands, wives, enjoy each other..... A LOT.