GIVEAWAY! Tell Us Your Love Story

GIVEAWAY! Tell Us Your Love Story

If you're in a relationship, I can't wait to hear your love story! Post a photo on instagram with your love story and hashtag #RichandBritt for a repost on our Insta Story! One couple will get a FREE copy of our NEW Book 31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him & Her (Dating Edition). We co-authored this with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke. Winner will be announced next Friday, June 29, 2018. By the way, this is ONE Giveaway. You can also enter to win our second giveaway by staying tuned to my instagram.


- You must be following @BrittniDeLaMora , @Richardelamora , & @RichandBritt on Instagram - I will be checking.

- You must post a photo of you and your love with your love story on Instagram and hashtag #RichandBritt

** Contest is open to United States Residents Only

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FAQ's An Ex Porn Star Gets Asked: + My Answers. (Pt. 1)

FAQ's An Ex Porn Star Gets Asked: + My Answers. (Pt. 1)

Q: We All Have A Past, But Yours Is All Over The Internet. How Do You Deal With That?

A: I choose not to let it bother me. We all make mistakes in life and mine just happen to be on the internet. My husband reminds me that I am not a product of my past, I am a product of grace. And he is right. Jesus died on the cross for my sins so why should I be ashamed of what He died for? In fact, none of us should be ashamed of where we have been or of what we have done in life. Jesus died so that we could live in victory. Living a life of shame is not victorious, and because of the cross, we deserve better than that.

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My Favorite Marriage Advice... ❤️


I've only been married for 4 months but I've asked many couples whom have been married for 20 + years what their secret to success has been. Here are some of my favorite answers...


1. Never lose your try. When you dated your spouse, you went out of your way for them and Always tried your best. Be careful to never lose that. Never grow comfortable.


2. R.E.S.P.E.C.T - always respect your spouse. Place them in high honor. Don't ever call them out in public either. Correct them privately.


3. Keep God at the center of your marriage and it will go well for you.


4. Make Lots of Love - Sex is not just an act of pleasure . It is an act that brings an intimate bond between a husband and wife every time they have sex. Sex in its purist form will give you a connection in your relationship that will be incomparable to any other relationships you have. So husbands, wives, enjoy each other..... A LOT.