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Too Fat, Too Skinny, Never Good Enough….

Too Fat, Too Skinny, Never Good Enough….

    The title to this blog was the theme song of my life. I had set such unrealistic standards on myself based upon what I thought would be pleasing to eyes of another. 

    At 21 years old, I used to get Botox and temporary lip injections. AT TWENTY-ONE! I look back at my insanity and laugh. I didn’t even have wrinkles back then. 

    I believe a form of freedom comes from self-love and confidence. Confidence is when you can admire another man or woman’s physique and not feel any less valuable for not looking as thin, muscular or as curvy as they do.

    I want to encourage you today to practice self-love!  This means that regardless of your imperfections, you can still love yourself. You are worth more than your bra size, more than your “gains”, and more than your pant size.

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How I Discovered My Purpose In Life

How I Discovered My Purpose In Life

Does My Life Have A Purpose?

Some might think this is a silly question, but for nearly 26 years of my life I often wondered this.

Why was I born? What am I supposed to do with my life? Where do we go when we die?

 I even asked a family member and the response I was given was, “Life sucks and then you die.” This answer was never good enough for me. 

I have realized that some inventions just can’t be understood unless you first hear from the inventor, or unless you read the owner’s manual. How can you understand the creation if you do not speak to the creator? 

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How To Handle God's Call.

  Yesterday we learned about discovering our vision. But what do you do once you've discovered your vision? The Bible is my favorite place to seek counsel and wisdom for all of my unanswered questions. This blog will give you your next few steps. I pray that it blesses your life today. 

  Paul said that he kept the news of his calling to himself; he did not check it out with "the big guys" Who were supposed to hear from God (Galatians 1:15-19) he knew what God did with him on that road to Damascus. He knew that he was changed forever (Acts 9:3-8). He knew that the Son of God was unveiled and disclosed on the inside of him. He knew he could never go back to the life he had lived. He knew that for the rest of his life he would preach the Gospel and remain faithful to what he heard Jesus say to him.

   But Paul also had the wisdom to know people would find his calling unbelievable. So he waited on God. He did not go running around checking with the other apostles, saying, "Hey guys, I saw a light on the road and fell down, and this happened and that happened. What do you all think?" Instead, he went to Arabia and then came back to Damascus. Three years after that, he traveled to Jerusalem to become acquainted with Peter, but he did not see any of the other apostles except James.

   Paul kept God's word and his heart and let it grow and manifest on its own. Then he started doing what he was called to do. Soon others recognized that the calling on him must've been from God. What was the result? Galatians 1:24 tells us that the people glorified God as the "Author and Source" of what had taken place in Paul.

   Has God given you a calling to serve him? As you stay in his word and wait on him, you will see growth in your life and receptivity to the message God gives you.


(Excerpt from The Everyday Life Bible / Joyce Meyer Commentary)

You Are Loved!

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Discovering Your Vision.

   Do you know what God's will is for you? Do you have a vision? Do you know what you are going to do with your life? You should! Having a vision for your life is very important as God's Word declares in Habakkuk 2:2-3

   When young people start out in life, they may not know what their futures are going to hold. There is nothing wrong with that because many times God unfolds His plans as we start to move in a direction and trust Him to lead. What young people need to do is seek God's plans for their lives and then write down what they believe God is saying to them. As they begin to move in a certain direction, what they are supposed to do with their lives will become increasingly clear.

   People who are older should have figured out their purposes in life. However many of them still do not know what they want to be when they "grow up" because issues in their lives have blocked the formation of their vision.

   Too many people concentrate on what they cannot do. They focus on everything they do wrong and never on what they do right. They get so caught up in their mistakes and inabilities that they lose sight of the fact that we serve a great God. If this is you, I encourage you to study Hebrews 12:2. This verse tells you to look away from the things that distract you and focus on Jesus. Even if you are being sidetracked by your own inabilities and weaknesses, stop looking at those things and start looking up to Jesus. If you believe you can do only one thing, make up your mind that you are going to do that one thing well. Decide that you were going to be the best you can be at that one thing.

   Take an inventory of your life and decide what you have that you can use to fulfill God's purpose for you. What are you doing with your time, your energy, and your abilities? Stop looking at what you do not have and begin using what you do have.

   Become a person of purpose. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Make sure you do not lose sight of your goals. In order to do that, you may need to heed the advice of Habakkuk: write your vision and make it plain!


(Excerpt from The Everyday Life Bible: Joyce Meyer Commentary.)

You Are Loved!