How I Discovered My Purpose In Life

Does My Life Have A Purpose?

    Some might think this is a silly question, but for nearly 26 years of my life I often wondered this.

Why was I born? What am I supposed to do with my life? Where do we go when we die?                                                                                 

    I often asked myself this series of questions. I even asked a family member and the response I was given was, “Life sucks and then you die.” This answer was never good enough for me. I always thought there had to be more to life than this, and I was going to discover it.

    I began my search as a teen. I used to lie and say I was Jewish, sometimes a Catholic, and a for a brief period a Kabbalist. The truth is I was just searching for a place of belonging.

    It wasn’t until I was 4 months away from my 26th Birthday that I walked into Cornerstone Church of San Diego drunk and high on prescription pills. In that moment, everything began to change for me. I felt God’s presence. You know those warm tingles that consume you from head to toe, no it wasn’t the drugs, it was God, and I was in awe.

    From that day forward I began going to Church as often as I could. And I began seeking God every day at home (through worship w/ music, prayer, and reading the Bible.) God began to speak to me through His word, and it was through seeking Him that I discovered myself and my purpose in life. I quickly realized that I am so loved, and my purpose in life is to preach the Gospel, and to let everyone know that God deeply loves them. My search for self and purpose were finally over. I had quit intentionally searching for myself and buried myself so deep in God. In doing so, I found myself.

    I have realized that some inventions just can’t be understood unless you first hear from the inventor, or unless you read the owner’s manual. The same is true for us. We were invented by God so without hearing from Him, the inventor, and without reading the owner’s manual (aka the Bible) we won’t understand what we were invented for. How can you understand the creation if you do not speak to the creator?

    If you’re anything like I was, searching for your purpose, I want to encourage you to seek God daily. Read the Bible daily, pray daily, and worship daily (check out Elevation worship, Hillsong, & Kari Jobe on Youtube – some of my favorite worship artist). I would also encourage you to find a person who is strong in their faith to help encourage you in your faith.

I love you, God loves you, and I am praying for you,

Brittni De La Mora