Why We Chose The “No Sex Before Marriage” Route.

    Well this isn’t something we hear about very often, now is it? This was a conviction of mine and my husband’s before we started dating. When I first began going to Cornerstone Church of San Diego I had just left the Adult Film Industry, where I had filmed roughly 375 scenes. Yes, I know, that is a lot. I went into Church so broken and had come to the end of myself. I was so far down in life I had nowhere to look but up. I knew that my way in life was not working. I was almost 26 years old, single, broke, and depressed. As I began reading the Bible, I learned a new way of living. I knew God had given me a second chance at life and I wanted to do whatever I could to do it right this time.

    As I continued to grow in God, my celibacy became less about me and more about inspiring others. I thought, “If an ex-porn star could wait to have sex until marriage, then anyone can do it.” In Church, I heard so many great stories from women who had bad relationships, they were sexually intimate prior to marriage and fought all the time, but God restored them. Although I love a good restoration story I did not want that story. I wanted to be able to say, “Sexual purity is not easy, but it is possible, and if I can do it, so can you.”

    I was celibate for 3 years and my husband for 7 years. Honoring God has been important to us since the day we met Him. I am so grateful that my husband and I chose to honor God over our desires and temptations. We did it the right way because we did it God’s way. Because of this I can truly say that I have been blessed with a great marriage. God continues to favor us and bless us with mind blowing opportunities. I say this to encourage you because God is faithful to those whom are faithful to Him (Proverbs 18:25). To my friends whom are dating or want to date, purity is not easy, but honoring God is always worth it. If you’ve been intimate with your partner, I would encourage you to give purity a chance. God will honor and bless you immensely for honoring Him. But remember, purity is not just a physical thing, it is a heart thing. Purity always starts with the heart. To keep a pure heart, I seek God everyday through worship, prayer and reading the Bible. I continue to overlook offenses and quickly forgive those who hurt me.

    I can’t wait to hear from you. Message me with your testimony on why you sought purity and how God has blessed you because you chose to honor Him.



You Are Loved,

Brittni De La Mora