In Genesis 2:25 we learn that before sin entered into the world Adam and Eve were both naked and knew no shame.

Sin and shame entered the world shortly after Eve had a conversation with Satan. This had me thinking, so many people in this world are ashamed of their lives, ashamed of their past, ashamed of the gospel, and ashamed of the truth all because they have been having conversations with Satan.

To live in shame goes against everything the word of God teaches us. Satan wants us to be a prisoner of shame and to be ashamed of the truth because John 8:32 teaches us that The Truth Will Set You Free. However, if you are ashamed of the truth then how will you be set free? If you are ashamed of the truth then how will others around you be set free?  

Feelings of shame will keep you from living the Set Free life that Jesus desires for you to live. Today I want to encourage you to read the word of God because it is the truth. If you know the truth of God then you will quit believing the lies of the enemy. So Open up the Bible, God has a plethora of truth, encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration in there for you. The Bible will forever change your thoughts and your life. It is time to be Shame Free by getting Set Free.

I Am Praying For You.

Brittni De La Mora