20 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Was 20.

  1. Time Flies. Don't waste it. Too many times people said, "You're young, you have time." No you don't. Start Now! Life doesn't sit around and wait for you, so go out and make things happen. 
  2. What you're called to do in life is attached to what you love to do in life. 
  3. Who you surround yourself with matters. Do you want to succeed? Then hang out with others who understand the value of hard work. 
  4. Hard work pays off. Period. 
  5. You don't have to be a statistic. Just because you came from poverty doesn't mean you have to stay there. Get out and make things happen.
  6. Don't hold onto offense, it slowly kills you. Nobody wants to be around an offended person either, so you'll end up offended & alone. Release forgiveness. 
  7. Pride is a liar that destructs your future. Pride will keep you stuck in a season of life that you don't even want to be in, but you're too prideful to admit you need help. Be humble and doors will open for you. Don't act like you know it all, always be teachable.
  8. Money isn't everything, but it does bring an aspect of freedom. 
  9. Even if you make a mistake, God will work it together for your good if you love Him. So don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  10. Do Not spend all your paycheck in one place. Start saving money now. Don't wait.
  11. Real Estate is one of the best investments money can buy. Especially in California. Hello Equity. & If you need a Realtor, message me. #ShamelessPlug
  12. JOURNAL ! (I knew this when I was 20 but want to share it anyway) It's amazing look back & see how much you've grown. Plus journaling is proven to be therapeutic & healing.
  13. A relationship with God, through Jesus, is the answer to all your problems. Seek Him through daily prayer & daily Bible readings. 
  14. Be thankful for every breakup. It is not the end of the world, even though it feels like it. God has someone better in store for you. 
  15. Take care of yourself! You only have one body. Eat well, exercise, don't do drugs, wash your face daily, use a good face & eye cream. You'll thank me in your 30's.
  16. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not just so people will like you. If they don't like you that's their loss. #BYE
  17. Honor your parents. Even if you think they don't deserve it. Life may not have always been easy for them. Actually, honor, love and respect ALL people. You never know what person might have a key to your destiny. If your character is off, they won't hand it to you. OH, and grandparent's hold so much wisdom, ask them a lot of questions. 
  18. Hurt people hurt other people. If someone goes out of their way to hurt you, give them grace. They are just hurt themselves.
  19. Don't allow anyone to make you second guess who you are! Don't give them your joy & don't give them your peace.
  20. You don't owe everyone an explanation. When you do what you're called to do, people will question you and even hate on you. They are looking for a response, don't give them one. If they don't believe in you, they don't deserve an explanation. 
  21. Bonus Quote: "Work hard in silence and let Success be your noise." - Unknown. You don't need to tell everybody your business. However, do find an accountability partner, aka a friend. Someone you can trust who will encourage you to keep going after your dreams.