The Everlasting Wait

    When people tell me, "Your wait is almost over". I say, "No, it's not." I am definitely not a pessimist, however, the season of waiting is never truly over. When you finally get what you've been waiting for, you'll end up waiting for something else shortly after. It's just the way life works. If you're single then you're probably waiting to get into a relationship. If you're in a relationship then you're probably waiting to get married. If you're married then you're probably waiting to have children. Catch my drift? My grandmother is 86 years old and she is still waiting (and praying) for the salvations of 2 of her boys. Could it be that there is still blessing in our wait? Since the wait is never truly over, what if learned to embrace the wait, rather than curse the wait? I believe that we are given all that we need in life to succeed and if you don't have now then it's simply because you don't need it now. 

    Remember, if you're waiting on something in life, you're in good company because we are all waiting on something in life. If it's God's will, you'll eventually get what you are waiting for, and then you'll get to wait on something else. Let's be patient and embrace the wait, because we will forever be in the wait.


Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances," - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Embrace the wait and pray through the wait.

You Are So Loved, Brittni De La Mora