How Has The Bible Transformed Your Life?

My life has been radically changed forever. The day I decided to open up the Bible is the day I learned the truth about God. John 8:32 says that you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. God (through His word) set me free from my addictions, He healed my broken heart, He has restored to me everything that the devil took from me, and He's given me a strength & confidence I never knew I could have. He refreshes me daily. I couldn't be more grateful for God's word. I want to know how the Bible has transformed your life. Was it a particular scripture? Let me know.

And if you don't currently read the Bible everyday, will you? God promises that it will change your life. He will leave you better off than you've ever been. (Who can say "no" to that?) I challenge you to read God's word everyday for the next 60 days. I know you can do it! 


You Are Loved, 

Brittni De La Mora