Prove Yourself.

"Be strong therefore and prove yourself a man." - 1 Kings 2:2

   Before passing, David spoke these words to Solomon who had just been given the title "King".

   I believe this is a word for us. "Be strong and prove yourself a man/ woman/ Author / Manager / Pastor / C.E.O "

   What call has God placed upon your life? And are you proving yourself worthy of that call?

   More times than not our actions come before the position. You are not given a position as a manager for no good reason. You are given a management position because you have shown that you have good character and leadership ability.

   What has God called you to do in life? You may not be there yet, but it does not mean that you should not act as though you are. Be sure to act now with the character, ability, and work ethic that you will need once you are in that position. If you do this, God will speak to somebody's heart about you. God will encourage someone to give you the position or title that He has been speaking to you about.

You Are Loved!