What Is For You Cannot Be Taken From You.

   Has anyone ever tried to take something from you that rightfully belonged to you?

   As we study 1 Kings chapter 1 we learn that this is exactly what Adonijah attempted to do to Solomon.

   While King David was on his death bed, Adonijah (one of King David's sons) exalted himself (without his father's consent), saying "I will be King." In an attempt to manipulate his way into stealing a title/ position that did not belong to him; he prepared a dinner for himself (ordaining himself as King) in front of King David's servants, his brothers, and all of the men of Judah. However, this was not God's plan for his life, because this was God's plan for Solomon's life.

  So God sent Nathan, a prophet, to speak to Bathsheba (Solomon's mom). Nathan informed Bathsheba that Adonijah unrightfully called himself King and encouraged her to let King David know what was going on. Bathsheba immediately went to King David to inform him of Adonijah's scheme to steal the throne, and reminded him of the promise he made before God to give his royal title to his other son, Solomon.

   King David immediately put a stop to Adonijah's ceremony. He sent Solomon on his mule, along with Zadok (the priest) and Nathan to the place where Adonijah's dinner was taking place. In front of Adonijah and his guests, Zadok blew a trumpet and anointed Solomon as the King. Everyone then shouted, "Long live King Solomon."

   I can only imagine the embarrassment Adonijah must have felt in this moment. But he needed to be taught a lesson. After all, Matthew 23:12 teaches us, "For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted." Adonijah exalted himself so God humbled him. Prideful people never win in life. (Pride always comes before destruction. - Proverbs 16:18)

   Beyond the lesson of what will happen to prideful and manipulative people, such as Adonijah, I love the encouragement that comes from the first chapter in First Kings. The encouragement is that whatever is for you cannot be taken from you. It doesn't matter who tries to steal your promotion, your position, your title, or your relationships, because God always has the final say.

   Like Solomon you can rest confidently in the knowledge that whatever position is God's purpose for you,  nothing or no one can keep you from being established in that place. Put your faith in God and your trust in His power to promote you, and never allow bitterness or resentment take root in your heart. Always remember that God's ways and timing are always perfect; and what is for you cannot be taken from you.