If You're Living Out Your Fears Then You're Not Living Out Your Dreams.


Ever since I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be in every talent show. Entertaining and encouraging people (through talent shows & school speeches) was a huge passion of mine. However, something I never shared with anyone was that I was absolutely petrified to hold the microphone to sing and speak in front of the crowd. Every single year I was so scared, but for some reason, I did it anyway. Even as a little girl, I never allowed my fear to get in my way. Back then I had no idea that God was preparing me for what I would be doing for Him now, and in my future. I am so grateful that I faced my fears back then because it has made easier for me now. What do you want to do in life? Are you allowing your fears to stop you? I want to encourage you to truly face your fears and Just Do It! Don't worry about what might happen, don't think about failure, simply focus on the desires of your heart; and Go For It. You never know what God might be preparing you for in this season to help you to be even greater in the next.