Our Dream Wedding.

The journey I took that led me to this moment had many highs and very many lows. I never understood why I felt like the underdog. I never understood why I never felt loved. I never understood why my life seemed so hopeless. On my wedding day everything finally made sense.

Let's rewind 3 years prior to my wedding day. I remember being so broken in God's presence at a Church service thinking, "God I'm so done with my life, please, I don't care what it takes, let me be happy, let me serve you." So, on February 20, 2013 God led me to surrender my life to Him. Being that I had just quit my job as an Adult Film Star it only seemed natural for me to give up dating for an entire year so that I could get to know the God I so desperately longed  to know. I also publicly made a vow before my Pastor, my Church, and before God to surrender my purity to Him. Yes, this means I went from Porn Star to Purity in a matter of months. This was one of the greatest & most difficult decisions I ever made. This decision became extremely difficult as I began dating a year later. But Gods grace, continuous presence, and Church accountability made it possible. Not easy, but possible.

Obedience to God is not always easy, but Deuteronomy 28 teaches us that blessing comes with obedience. I believe that because I surrendered my heart to God, He made my wrongs feel so right. What I mean is that this girl who once felt so hopeless, this girl who never thought she'd find real love from a genuine man, this girl who thought she made such unforgivable mistakes, suddenly felt like everything she ever went through was for a divine purpose to glorify her creator and to help people who currently feel the way she once did. 

God has given me, a woman with a horrific past and has given me such a magnificent present, not so that I can boast,  but so that I could give you hope. You see friends, my life is living proof that it doesn't matter how badly in life you think you have messed up, Jesus can give you a future greater than you have ever imagined. He has great plans for your life. Will you surrender your heart to Him so that His plans can come to pass in your life?

My wedding day (February 20, 2016 exactly 3 years after I surrendered my life to Jesus) was an absolute dream come true. My life is blessed beyond belief. Not because of anything I have done, but because of everything my Savior has already done.  

God has a love story for you. There are blessings behind your obedience. I encourage each and everyone of you to fully surrender your heart to God. He has something very special for your in the near future. I pray that you never miss a God moment, that you walk through every divine door He has for you, and that you grow closer to Him each and every single day. I speak exponential blessing and favor over your life as you surrender your heart to Jesus.   


Be Blessed & Be Loved. 

Bless Others & Love Others. 



Brittni De La Mora