God Has Not Forgotten About You.


Just because you're waiting doesn't mean God has forgotten about you. Patience and perseverance are crucial in your waiting season. Don't rush the process. God is always faithful. 

There are times when it feels like we having been waiting forever and a day. However, we certainly aren't the first ones to feel this way. Let's look at the life of Joseph....  God gave him a BIG dream for his life, but before his dream ever came to pass he was thrown into a ditch for death and after surviving, he was later thrown into a prison cell because he was falsely accused of trying to rape a woman. Although God showed Joseph a BIG dream, Joseph had to go through a LONG season of waiting and testing. What I love about Joseph is that he never lost hope nor faith. Joseph remained faithful even when it looked like God had forgotten about him; and because of his faithfulness God showed himself faithful. God turned everything around for Joseph's good. He blessed him greatly and his BIG dream became a reality. 

I don't know what you might be going through today, but I do know that God is always faithful and He is working Everything together for your good. Stay faithful, stay humble, be patient, and persevere because in time, the dream that God has given you for your life will become a reality. Don't give up, God has BIG plans for you. Stay faithful.


You are loved,

Brittni De La Mora