There will be doors that will open in your life that are not from God. Just because He is a man of God doesn't mean he's your man of God. Just because you've been offered a higher salary elsewhere doesn't mean God blessed you with that opportunity. Be careful what doors you decide to walk through. Remember in Matthew 4, Satan was willing, ready, and able to open BIG doors of opportunity for Jesus. What makes you think Satan won't try to open up doors of opportunity for you? The doors look good, but when you enter you realize that you've made a huge mistake.  When a door of opportunity is from God, He will always make things very clear. When it is a God door you will have peace without confusion or anxiety, you will grow closer to God, and Godly counsel will confirm that it is from God. Tonight, I pray that God closes all doors in your life that are not from Him and I pray that He opens doors in your life that will take you to new levels in your relationship with him. I pray that you will recognize a God door from the enemy's door, & that you will have the wisdom and obedience to follow God's Spirit so that you may be as blessed as God wants you to be. #blessed #pray #quote #prayer