How To Grow In God By Getting Back To The Basics.



Hello Friends,

I wanted to share some cliff notes with you from the sermon I preached on Friday at The Uprising, a Young Adult Ministry from Cornerstone Church of San Diego. I call this message, 'Back To The Basics'. I believe this message will help anyone wanting to grow closer to God.

- Don't complicate your calling or you might forfeit your calling. Too many times we fail to recognize that it's not hanging around the right people that will catapult us into our destiny, it's hanging out with Jesus that will catapult us into our destiny.

- Remember that God will open up doors for you that no man can shut.

- There is no success without a savior.

- In John 15:15 Jesus calls you his friend. But do you call him your friend?

- We have a God that does not want to keep secrets from us. He wants to reveal Heavenly things to us. He wants you to be clear of what your purpose on earth is. There's no need to walk around confused. If you spend one on one time with Jesus then He will bring clarity and vision into your life.

Let's Get Back To The Basics By Getting Into Gods Presence:

1. With Our Faith

Read Mark 5:25 it talks about the woman with the issue of blood. She blood for 12 years desiring a cure. Unfortunately there was no cure. One day she heard about this man named Jesus and thought, "If I could just touch His garment I will be healed." When she spotted Jesus she touched His robe & healing power left him. Jesus turned to her and said, "Go in peace daughter, your faith has healed you." Not only did this woman's faith heal her, but it was also her faith to believe that 'If I could just get into God's presence my miracle will happen'. Which is why the first thing we need to get into God's presence is faith. We need the faith to believe that if we could just get into God's presence our miracle will happen. #UseYourFaithEveryDay

2. With Our Worship

Exodus 8:1 God says, let my people go so they can worship me.

We were created to worship God. A lot of us have trouble worshipping because we have trouble surrendering. Be careful that you don't worship your problems over your God. Remember that God is greater than the problems you face. Surrender them to Him by worshipping Him. When you do this, you will unlock the Kingdom of Heaven, and give God permission to go before you. When you worship God suddenly your battles become His battles. Let God fight for you. You'll wear yourself out if you keep trying to control things that were never meant to be in your control. #WorshipGodEveryDay

3. With Our Prayers

“But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:6‬ ‭

I wonder how many blessing are in the secret place with God waiting for your prayers to bring them down from Heaven to Earth. #PrayEveryDay

4. With Our Bible

The enemy can not stand against the word of God. The bible will give you power and strength when life makes you feel weak. Just as Jesus fought off the attack of the devil with the word of God we need to do the same. There are battles you may be facing today that would dissipate if you began to speak against them with the word of God. Plus, if you want to hear from God reading His word is the best way to do so. #ReadTheBibleEveryDay

These are the 4 steps I take every day to grow closer to God. This is what has worked for me for 4 years. If you're looking for a guideline to help you grow closer to God I encourage you to:

1. Have Faith

2. Worship God with a Song

3. Pray

4. Read the Bible

(Do them in that order... The great thing is, after following steps 2-4 you'll develop even more faith because that is what God's presence will bring you. This is simply a guideline that I follow everyday - but do what works for you. We all are meant to have a personal relationship with our God. Not everyone's relationship is identical.)

The best gift you can give anyone (yourself included) is the God in you. The God in you will allow you to help other's in need, encourage the discouraged, and bring hope to the hopeless.

Remember that you are loved!


Brittni De La Mora