Advice For The Singles.

The 700 Club shoot

The 700 Club shoot

🔸Single Woman: If a man wants to be with you then he will rise to the standards you set. Don't lower your standards just because he isn't willing to work to meet them. Know your worth and don't lower your value for anyone. There is nothing more sexy than a confident woman of God.


🔹Single Man: As you seek God He will reveal to you the woman that you should be looking into. Don't just jump into any relationship, observe the person you're interested in before asking her out. Prepare yourself as well. My husband always says that men should build their own nest first  - meaning work on yourself especially during your single season. Pray about a vision for your life and actively begin taking steps to get there. Is your current job in alignment with what you want for your future? If your future requires specific education are you in school to working to obtain that? Once you know what you need to do, be proactive. God will bring the right woman into your life at the right time.


🔸For both the single woman and single man I encourage you to be patient and wait for the person God has for you. Don't settle. You'll know when you're settling because you'll be questioning if you're even with the right person. If the person doesn't inspire you, challenge you, and bring you closer to God then don't waste your time.


🔸Also, watch sermons and read books on relationships. This will encourage and prepare you for Mr. Or Mrs. Forever.


🔸Lastly, make the most of being single. Have fun. Get to know YOU. Being single won't last forever, so enjoy it while you still can.