Don't Push Away What Is Good For You.


   Have you ever been turned off by the nice guy? Maybe you got turned off when you realized he loved you more than you love yourself. He didn't want to fight or argue, but growing up that's all you were exposed to. So, subconsciously that's what you desire and when the nice guy won't give you what you subconsciously desire, you push him away. This may be an ongoing pattern in your life. What you need to recognize is that you actually deserve the nice guy. You are worthy of his love. Just because you grew up in an unhealthy environment does not mean that you should continue the cycle. It is time to break the pattern so that when you have children (or if you already have children) they will be exposed to something much greater than what you were exposed to. #breakthecycle

You Are Worthy Of Real True Love! 


Brittni De La Mora