Some Of Your Dreams Are Meant For Secrecy.

   I've learned that jealous people can't handle your big dreams. As I read about a boy named Joseph in Genesis 37 I become more aware of this. Just because God has given you BIG dreams does not mean you should tell everyone. Some dreams are meant for secrecy. It's SO unfortunate that Joseph's own brothers were jealous of him, but what made the situation worse was when Joseph shared his dreams with them. God revealed to Joseph that he would gain supremacy over his family (as he became 2nd in command to rule over Egypt) and that one day his family would bow down to him. They didn't like nor agree with this. Joseph's brothers ended up throwing him into a ditch and selling him into slavery - out of pure jealousy. Granted God made everything work together for Joseph's good and His dreams became a reality; I wonder how things might have panned out had Joseph kept his dreams a secret from those whom were jealous of him. Maybe some of life's miserable trials could have been avoided. Or, maybe not. Only God knows. 

  What Dream has God given you for your life? I'll bet God has BIG plans for you and what God has spoken over your life will eventually come to pass. However, it would be wise of you to be cautious of who you share your dreams and visions with. The wrong people will discourage you and attempt to throw your dreams into a ditch. People who are for you will encourage you, pray for you, and fight for you as God brings your dreams to life. Stay faithful and use wisdom when it comes to revealing your dreams to those who aren't for you anyway.



Brittni De La Mora