You'll Either Surrender To Your Problems Or You'll Surrender To Your Promise.

You know you've surrendered to your problems when you've given up on what you were once fighting for. Maybe you've surrendered to your problems because fighting for your dreams became too difficult. When you're surrendered to your promise, you'll do (within good character) whatever it takes to get there. You'll work as hard as you need to, you'll pray as long as you need to, and you'll continue to believe by faith that just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't. At times it can be tempting, and very easy to throw in the towel and surrender to your problems. But my guess is that there is STILL a fighter within you. Grow through life's difficulties and don't give up, you'll appreciate your promise SO much more once you finally reach it.


You Are Loved!

Brittni De La Mora


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