Know When To Say No.

You are only one person. You can't commit to everything that everyone asks of you. I know people who have done this (myself included); they say yes to everything and eventually 1 of these 3 things happen to them:


•1. They Build An Internal Resentment. They end up resenting the very people they said yes to because they were too afraid to say no in the first place. Know when to say no.


•2. They Burn Out.

Man may have asked them to do something, but did God? When God asks something of you He will always give you the strength to complete it. However, when you over commit to man's desire versus God's desire then burn out will eventually occur. Trust me when I say, it'll never be enough for people. They will Always need something. Know when to say no.


•3. They Flake.

They were so overcommitted that they simply could not manage their commitments. Know when to say no.


• Philippians 4:6 teaches us to pray about Everything. So before you commit to something make sure you have first prayed about it. God will always guide you with peace. 🙏🏼